Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ether ore

One of the big challenges every year is dealing with the technology that's needed to run the conference. A lot of presentations use PowerPoint or the equivalent; some need Internet connections. Then there are the people who want to use overhead projectors; some arrive with Macs and need help setting up their equipment in a largely Windows world.

Then there's the Internet cafe -- and many thanks to the Plain Dealer for providing the equipment and setting it up -- which this year includes a wireless connection. (The printer has been a little wacky; it needs a good kick in the pants ... er, restart ... to operate sometimes.)

So far we've been really lucky, though, with all of our tech stuff, even in the banquet last night, which was such a tricky operation that it included two laptops, a voice recorder, and even lighting cues. It was especially a kick to hear Pam Robinson's voice coming at us like a surround-sound movie track, almost like the voice of God.

I was almost tempted to ask, "Who is this really?" Which will mean nothing to you if you're not a fan of Bill Cosby in his stand-up phase. But anyway ...

I think this afternoon's closing session will be the capper -- but I don't want to give anything away now.


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