Monday, April 24, 2006

Fat Fish Blue, baby

Oh, now we're home and it's all over, and many of us are still recovering from our Saturday night social at Fat Fish Blue, where a New Orleans-style band blew the roof off. Lots of dancing -- the Saturday social gets a lot of unlikely people letting loose. Come, for instance, to see Alex Cruden's one and only dance move, but done very convincingly. I don't know how we got booked at the same time as a college senior social, but suddenly there we were, dancing with college guys in tuxes and girls in prom-like dresses. And while Erin McKean got all the raves on this discussion board, her partner in words, Wendy Nichols, was the badest lexicographer in any American nightclub. Thanks for the great time, all of you; I miss you already.


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