Thursday, April 20, 2006

Off to a rockin' start

It's rolling: The 2006 ACES conference in Cleveland has started and it's really great to see so many familiar faces from Hollywood. It's also good to see so many Northern California journalist here -- more than I expected. (Name dropping: Clare Noonan from Modesto, Craig Lancaster from San Jose, Tim Yagle from the Marin I-J and more)

I started the morning with Merrill Perlman's seminar, which I missed last year. I wasn't disappointed. There are so many pesky pitfalls copy editors encounter on a daily basis, and we often have little time to reflect.

By the numbers

Some stat's on this year's event from Chris's opening comments:

  • 60 sessions by 80 speakers
  • More than 400 attendees
The opening remarks from Chris Wienandt were great, and I really liked the Q&A. I know some are sad to see John McIntyre absent for the first time, but Chris has done a tremendous job continuing the society's mission. Ten years and still going strong.

Speaking of what's new, have you seen the Web site? After the site finally loading onto the Internet Cafe's computers, I got to see it and I'm impressed. Goodbye, old discussion board. The new one, which uses PHPBB2 (sorry, I'm a computer nerd), is a much-needed improvement and categorizes the discussions. It's a must-see.

If you are from Northern California and haven't bumped into me yet, you'll be able to find me tomorrow at the merchandise table from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Also, for those wanting to start a chapter (or just to break the ice), feel free to ask about how things are going for us. I think we're the newest chapter and, after a year and half, things have been going swimmingly.

Oh, and one more thing: I'll be posting photos online and will be happy to post yours, too. Drop me an e-mail at


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