Thursday, April 20, 2006

A session less traveled

I decided to overlook the Clevelander wisdom of "seize the day; it may snow tomorrow" and catch the Sports in the News session, which I had suggested, while everyone else heard Paula Devlin and James O'Byrne describe editing in the midst of Hurricane Katrina.

I'm determined that there will be no earthquakes, typhoons or power failures in Cleveland between now and Saturday, so I can catch their reprise.

My choice was a success, in that the four sports presenters -- Tracy Dodds, Bob Keim, Dave Bennett and Jay Wang -- all had a lot to say and didn't mince words. They had a respectable audience and stirred quite a number of questions.

The single firmest idea of the afternoon? If you're thinking of combining the news and sports desks, take a deep breath and think of something else. Sports editing is, well, different, and you can't do it well if you aren't both a good editor and a lover of sports -- and it helps a lot to know the details.

There was a lot more on many topics, and Tracy ought to be doing color on TV. It was a good time and, for me, a nice step outside the usual.


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