Friday, April 21, 2006

Timothy bleary's bed

It’s well after bedtime, and I’m bone-tired (whatever that means) and probably shouldn’t even be near a keyboard at this point, but I have to say it’s been a terrific day. Among other things, I’m happy to have made it through my first couple public appearances as ACES president.

From what I can tell, the first day of this conference went smoothly — despite the awful situation with the hotel elevators. If you were in Louisville, where the elevators were something out of Dante’s seventh circle … well, this may be the eighth. Of the four elevators in the building, only two (possibly one) are working today. I’ve given up and resorted to the stairs, which are pretty well hidden, but Neil has kindly taped magic-markered signs to them, to direct people between the third and fourth floors. NOTE: The rumors that the stairs aren’t for public use and lock behind you once you’re in the stairwell are urban myths. The hotel staff assures us they’re for everyone to use, and they encourage it while the elevators are being renovated. Any thought otherwise is strictly out of Alfred Hitchcock, or some other twisted dream.

One thought on the reception: Doing the headline awards then was a singularly stupid idea (mine) — although having a repeating PowerPoint show of the winning heads was a singularly good one. We’ll retrench on this next year.

And excuse me … mashed-potato martini bar? Garlic, please … with an olive.

And so to bed. The coffee we’ll be drinking in the morning at thirty-some bucks a gallon will be well worth the money. Make mine a double.


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