Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where the auction was

[My turn to be a conduit for Gerri Berendzen -- thanks for writing, Gerri.]

One of the better ways to have fun while parting with some of your money is at the ACES silent auction. Things were cookin' Friday night -- all for the benefit of the ACES Education Fund. It was fun to watch some of the bidding battles unfold, although not everyone walked out with a major award. (For those of you not in the know, that's a reference to "A Christmas Story" and one really ugly lamp.)
Tammy Yates of the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Miss., and Kathy Schenck of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel helped out with lively bidding for a print of the Sex Pistols. Take a look at Tammy and Kathy. Can you see either of them in the front row of a Sex Pistols concert? (OK, maybe I can see Kathy there.) But Tammy is a big fan and kept upping Kathy's bid, helping out ACES with her winning bid of $90.

Later in the evening, the bidding started again at a live auction held after the banquet keynote speech to benefit help the New Orleans Times-Picayune Hurricane Relief Fund. A smaller group of bidders raised $2,725 for the fund. ACES auctionmeister Scott Toole urged ACES members to "bid with your hearts and not with your heads" and he did just that, offering $225 for a Times-Picayune "Come Hell or High Water" T-shirt autographed by the members of the T-P copy desk. After the stirring presentation by James O'Byrne of the Times-Picayune, who wouldn't want to help out.

The silent auction once again appeared to be a rousing success, although I haven't seen a final tally yet. I do know this, an Ohio-native reporter in Quincy, Ill., is going to be mighty pleased with the Cleveland Indians 2005 World Series tickets I'm taking home.


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