Saturday, April 22, 2006

Truly inspiring

Was there anyone who didn't cry during keynote speaker James O'Byrne's presentation? It was sad, moving, inspiring... I don't have the right words. Matthew Crowley is covering it on the ACES site. He'll undoubtedly capture it better than I'm able. I loved James' story of residents who had been plucked from rooftops and deposited on a bridge being so happy to see reporters from The Times-Picayune: They considered it good news that the newspaper had arrived, because it meant their story would get out. To be able to mean that much to someone is just incredible. What an amazing profession we have!


Blogger Sarah said...

I was very moved during James O'Byrne's speech. I have some vacation time coming up in June, and I'm interested volunteering in some way. I'm tired of sitting in the newsroom and feeling frustrated and helpless over what the people of the Gulf Coast are going through. What organizations are suggested to work through, and how do you go about signing up, arranging where to stay, etc.? I've already sold my fiance on the idea, and I'm sure I can rope some friends into coming along.

Also, I write an bimonthly opinion column for my newspaper. I'm often accused of having some sort of "agenda" by some readers, but I honestly didn't until now. I'm taking Mr. O'Byrne's final plea to heart. I'm going to make sure my readers don't forget about New Orleans.

Sarah Heaney
Owensboro, KY

PS: I wish there was some way to post comments without having to create a blog. I already have one blog, and that's enough :-)

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